At an early age, Mark DeGraffenried developed a passion for art. While attending high school in Alaska, he won state wide acclaim for his sculpture "Regret". Recognition including numerous "Best of Show" and purchase awards for his sculpture continued into his college career and beyond. His sculpture is noted for its artistic style, grounded with an in-depth knowledge of the human form, and his ability to represent accurate likenesses of those individuals he portrays.

DeGraffenried's knowledge of the sculpting process is extensive, from the creation in clay and wax casting process, to the final bronze and patina work. DeGraffenried strives to create interest and emotion within each sculpture. "My greatest challenge as a sculptor is to capture the integrity of the human spirit, to convey the experiences of life and all aspects of emotion."

DeGraffenried attended Brigham Young University Idaho, Brigham Young University Hawaii, and received a bachelor degree with honors from Utah State University in 1993. Since graduation he has been awarded several large scale bronze commissions. His largest project entailed an edition of four life-size bronzes of an emigrant family, The Crossing, that were placed in prominent locations in England and Salt Lake City. DeGraffenried is a member of the Alliance for the Varied Arts, and the National Sculpture Society. His work includes many limited editions, portrait busts, medallions and other figurative work.

DeGraffenried lives in Logan, Utah, where he finds inspiration for his current work.

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • 2008 "Marriner S. Eccles" commissioned by Utah State Capitol Preservation Board and Marriner S. Eccles Commission to sculpt an 8' bronze for the Utah State Capitol and a 6' statue for the Federal Reserve Building in Washington D.C.
  • 2007 Joint commission with "Monument Arts Foundation". Bronze memorial for Utah State University Agricultural students and Professor who lost their lives in van rollover.
  • 2006 life-size bronze portrait bust commission "Junior and Norma Miller", awarded by Hyrum City Library and Museum.
  • 2006 Solid Works Independent detailer/designer.
  • 2006 Joint commission with "Monument Arts Foundation". Bronze memorial for officers lost in the line of duty of the San Leandro Police and Fire Departments, commissioned by the City of San Leandro, California.
  • 2005 "Brother Joseph" life-size bronze portrait busts sold to private collectors, limited edition.
  • 2005 "Brother Joseph" life-size bronze portrait bust, Purchase Award for permanent collection by Church Museum of History and Art, International Juried Art exhibit.
  • 2004 1/4 scale bronze commission "Liberty" McKenna and Barney LLP.
  • 2004 "Moose" 1/4 scale bronze commission, Spread Trade Systems.
  • 2004 "Brother Joseph" life-size bronze portrait bust, purchased for permanent collection by Springville Museum of Art.
  • 2003-2006 Solid Works Engineer/Designer, Stone River Bronze.
  • 2003 Increased education/ skills by certifying in Solid Works computer aided 3-D art design.
  • 2003 "Moose" 1/4 scale bronze commission, Private commission.
  • 2002 "Joseph Smith" 2 inch bronze medallions with relief sculpture of Joseph Smith sold, open edition.
  • 2001"The Crossing" commission awarded by Seatrek Foundation. Four life-size emigrant families (each family consisted of a mother, father and two children) cast in bronze to commemorate our pioneer heritage from Europe. Permanent locations at Mersey Side Dock Maritime Museum, Liverpool England, Broad Street, Portsmouth England, and Albert Dock, Hull England. One life-size bronze on loan at Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. DeGraffenried sculpted each piece as well as assisted with the bronze casting and installation of the finished sculptures.
  • 2001 "The Crossing" bronze 1/4 life-size limited edition sculptures sold to private collectors.
  • 2001 "The Crossing" 4 inch bronze medallions with a relief sculpture of the family sold, edition of 500.
  • 2000 "Eagle Gate" life-size bronze commission, "This is the Place" Monument Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • 1999 "FloJo" Florence Joyner 1/4 scale bronze commission.
  • 1996-1997 Instructor of portrait and life drawing classes, Alliance for the Varied Arts, Logan Utah.
  • 1995 Increased education with NH Studios in all facets of bronze casting and finish patina.
  • 1995 "Celebration"1/4 scale bronze commission, Children's Dance Theatre, Salt Lake City Utah.
  • 1994 "Sea Farer" life-size bronze memorial to those who lost lives at sea, Homer, Alaska.
  • 1993-2003 Primary full-time Sculptor/Design artist, for DuPont Authentication Systems, DuPont Holographics. Designed and sculpted hundreds of small scale sculpture for holographic duplication.
  • 1993-1995 Increased education by participating in life drawing courses from Utah State University and Alliance for the Varied Arts, Logan Utah.
  • 1993 Purchase award for permanent collection, Spring Salon, Springville Museum, "Adam and Eve" 1/4 scale bronze.
  • 1993 Merit Award USU student show, "Hologram".
  • 1993 Jurors Choice USU student show, life-size portrait bust, "RaeLynn".
  • 1993 Bachelors of Art, Utah State University.
  • 1993 "Adam and Eve" 1/4 scale bronze selected for "Sculpture in the Park" art show, Loveland Colorado.
  • 1992 Merit Award/Jurors choice BYUH student art show, "Reclining pose".
  • 1991 Merit Award/ First in sculpture, BYUH student art show, "Resurrection".
  • 1991 "Seasider" 1/4 scale bronze purchase award for Presidents office at BYUH.
  • 1990-1992 Brigham Young University Hawaii. Studied composition and design under sculptor Jan Fisher and painter LaMoyne Garside.
  • 1990 Merit/Purchase award Religious exhibit, "Death Masks" Springville Art Museum.
  • 1990 Associates Degree BYU Idaho (formerly Ricks College).
  • 1989 Jurors Choice ASRC art show, "Sleep".
  • 1989 Best of Show Ricks College student art exhibit, "Apostles".
  • 1988 Best of Show Ricks College student art exhibit, "Obibas"..
  • 1987 Wasatch Bronze foundry artisan.
  • 1983 Best of Show, 1st in sculpture Alaska State student art show, "Regret"